Downloading a Non-Amazon Purchased e-Book

Onto Your Kindle/Kindle App



Getting a non-Amazon purchased e-book onto your Kindle/Kindle App is pretty easy. There is a one-time set up, using the quick steps below, and then you’re just minutes away from enjoying that new book.


  • Sign into your Amazon account from your computer.

  • From Your Account Dropdown, select Manage Your Content and Devices.

  • Click the Settings tab.

  • Scroll down to Personal Document Settings.

  • Under the Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings, make note of your Kindle’s email address (* you’ll need this later). NOTE: Do not use device e-mails, only your Kindle e-mail

  • Scroll down under the Approved Personal Document List check to see if your personal e-mail address is listed. (If your e-mail address is not listed, select Add a new approved e-mail address. Enter the desired e-mail address and click Add Address. NOTE: This would be the e-mail that you are going to send the document from, not your Kindle e-mail.)

  • If you choose to have another entity such as a publisher, author, promoter, etc. push the e-book directly to your Kindle you will want to add their e-mail address in the above step. (You can list multiple approved e-mails.) Should this be the case THEY will complete the steps below or you will complete from their website.


Now it is simple: Anytime you want to send a non-Amazon purchased e-book to your Kindle/Kindle App all you have to do is:


* From your personal e-mail account (on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet) locate the e-mail which contains your e-book file, or attach the e-book to an e-mail, and forward it to your Kindle e-mail address.  (You will need to send the e-book/file as one of the formats below.)


Once you have sent the e-mail, on your Kindle (or Kindle app) click the Sync button and your book will load. 


Supported e-book File Types:








If you need to convert your file format here is a link to a free converter,

but you may find several others on the internet.

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