Monday Mentions: May 15, 2017

As we begin a new week we here at Kimmers' Erotic Book Banter have decided to tempt you with a couple new BDSM reads in our Monday Mentions. Tomorrow, May 16th, Houston Michaels releases Broken Wings. Gabriel is a man returning from war struggling to find himself while suffering with PTSD. Never did he imagine to run into his savior at a BDSM club. Nicholas proves to be the patient, caring Dom Gabriel needs in order to regain his submission. Releasing on Wednesday, May 17th, is Tanya Chris' Aftercare. In this novel two men find themselves attracted to one another in the least ideal of circumstances. One man defending the others brother for murdering his sub. The other fighting the grief due to the loss of a husband. But both craving what they think the other can be. One needing to torture and the other craving pain.

We at the Banter would love to know if you have purchased any of our Monday Mentions and, if so, how well you liked them. Please feel free to comment below.

Make it a great week!

About Broken Wings

Proud to have served his country, Gabriel O'Roarke returned from war unable to recognize the man he had become. While war was hell, it was the aftereffects that were slowly eating away at his soul. Returning to civilian life after surviving events that should have killed him, he struggles to adjust and find himself again. Suffering from PTSD, he is without hope, until a chance encounter with one of the men who saved his life changes things. Gabriel never imagined Nickolas Tanner would be into the lifestyle, so running into him at a BDSM club is a surprise. The patient and caring Dom is exactly what Gabriel needs, but everything he fears. After suffering captivity, Gabriel struggles to let himself go, to submit to another man. He craves regaining that part of himself, but worries it is forever lost. Nickolas' steady domination gives him something he has thought lost long ago - hope. Can a broken submissive, damaged by captivity and torture, learn to fly again?

About Aftercare

Aayan Denir knows Garrett Hillier was once a high-powered defense attorney, and—thanks to a leaked photograph—he knows Garrett is sexually submissive, which makes him ideally qualified to defend Aayan's brother from the charge of murdering his sub. Aayan would do anything to protect Syed, even if he doesn't understand how Syed could hurt someone he loves. He could never hurt Garrett. He only wants to take care of him—love him, serve him, cherish him. And maybe torture him. Just a little. Garrett probably shouldn’t be dating his client’s brother. Right? And what’s the use in a confirmed sub dating a guy who doesn’t want to be a Dom anyway? The important thing is to get Syed cleared of the discriminatory murder charge he’s facing. Aayan is a distraction. But for the first time in the three lonely years since Garrett’s husband died, he’s feeling hope, ambition, and desire. Can he give up the pain he craves to find the love he needs? As Syed’s trial date looms, Aayan and Garrett explore what a BDSM relationship means for them, and what they mean to each other. Aftercare is a M/M BDSM contemporary romance about Aayan, a Muslim immigrant who’s not sure he can play the Dom role, and Garrett, a submissive attorney who walked away from his life when his husband died.


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