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HOT TOPIC: Benefit Bundles to Aid The Trevor Project - Books Wanted

Dear Authors,

In case you may have missed it, in the coming weeks Kimmers’ Erotic Book Banter will be offering “Benefit Bundles”. What are Benefit Bundles you ask?

KEBB will offer BUNDLES to our readers - at a discounted price - with all the proceeds going directly to The Trevor Project. Bundles of like reads (such as M/M, M/F, BDSM, Taboo, etc.) will be offered at well below market price. For example: If 4 books would regularly sell for $20 we might offer the package at $10. We have chosen this organization as it holds special meaning to us. We firmly believe the hope for an accepting, loving world lies in the minds, hearts, and hands of our youth. With our support, these kids will have the opportunity to grow into healthy, well-rounded adults and, in doing so, vividly illustrate the most important message of all: love is love!

"Winter and holidays are the busiest time for our trained crisis volunteers—but following the election, the volume of calls, texts, and chat sessions reached a record high. Trevor’s crisis team now needs 500,000 more minutes to tackle the total surge and to stay ready in 2017." The Trevor Project

How will the bundles work?

  • A PayHip storefront will be created with a public URL. Readers will be able to browse available bundles, and make purchases directly from said storefront. All purchases will be automatically delivered, via PayHip email, to the reader.

  • We will promote the Benefit Bundles, with information and the PayHip link, through blog posts and social media; with participating authors receiving the PayHip link to share as well.

  • Once we open the store front, after January 20th, it will remain active until a designated end date (yet to be chosen, but will be based upon participation). We anticipate having sales open for about a month to a month and a half.

Should you wish to participate in this exciting and worthwhile cause, please reach out to us by January 20th.

If your books are with a publishing house, and you’re interested in joining the event, contact us to see if your publisher is participating.

Once you agree to participate, all you need to do is provide us the eBook(s) in the formats you wish to include (MOBI, ePub and PDF) as well as a high resolution cover image(s)...and we will handle the rest. Including providing a tally of the number of units sold and a final dollar amount being donated to this incredible charity.

And the best part is, we WELCOME multiple selections; the more book options we have, the more bundles we’ll be able to offer.

With your participation, KEBB is confident this will be a win win for authors, readers, and The Trevor Project!

Watch the award winning short film that inspired The Trevor Project:

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